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Pompey in the Community’s aim is to give every child and adult with a disability the chance to participate in some form of physical activity.


Disability sessions provide participants from the age of 5 years old and upwards with the skills and knowledge to fulfil their full potential.


Sessions are led by qualified coaches who have demonstrable experience in working with disabled participants to deliver an inclusive and safe environment for all.


Activities & sports are tailored for everyone with each participant being treated as an individual to maximise their learning and development.


For more details please visit Pompey In Community Website

Pompey in the Community,

Portsmouth Football Club

Anson Road,

Portsmouth, Hants,



Website: www.pompeyitc.co.uk


Email: matt.lewsley@pompeyitc.org.uk

Disability Co-ordinator


Phone +44 (0)2392728899

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Pompey In The Community